Discover the EVOS family

We are delighted to introduce the EVOS™ family of cylinder, valve and guard packages. The EVOS development process was inspired by the real-world needs of our customers. EVOS has a whole new series of innovations and improvements for ease of use with many patents pending and the range is only just starting. The first members are the EVOS Ci and the EVOS DCi packages.

The EVOS family is here to set new standards in performance, ergonomics, safety and efficiency for gas users.

Churning knob
Handle and transport cylinders more easily thanks to churning knob and ergonomic arm grips.
Innovative protective guard
The specially engineered guard protects the valve against accidental bumps and falls.
Quick action lever and safety interlock system
The quick and simple open/close mechanism is easy to use (even when wearing gloves) with the lever automatically locking into the closed position to stop the valve from opening accidentally.
Live content indication
The time-saving, live content gauge allows you to read the pressure at a glance – without needing to connect a regulator.
300-bar working pressure
The higher working pressure increases capacity so you need fewer cylinders, fewer change-outs and fewer deliveries.

EVOS benefit videos

Our new EVOS family of guard and valve packages have been designed with new features, and rigorously tested to ensure they set new standards in performance, ergonomics and safety. Watch these videos to discover more.