Discover the EVOS family

We are delighted to introduce the EVOS™ family of cylinder, valve and guard packages. The EVOS development process was inspired by the real-world needs of our customers. EVOS has a whole new series of innovations and improvements for ease of use with many patents pending and the range is only just starting. The first members are the EVOS Ci and the EVOS DCi packages.

The EVOS family is here to set new standards in performance, ergonomics, safety and efficiency for gas users.

Churning knob
Handle and transport cylinders more easily thanks to churning knob and ergonomic arm grips.
Innovative protective guard
The specially engineered guard protects the valve against accidental bumps and falls.
Quick action lever and safety interlock system
The quick and simple open/close mechanism is easy to use (even when wearing gloves) with the lever automatically locking into the closed position to stop the valve from opening accidentally.
Live content indication
The time-saving, live content gauge allows you to read the pressure at a glance – without needing to connect a regulator.
300-bar working pressure
The higher working pressure increases capacity so you need fewer cylinders, fewer change-outs and fewer deliveries.

EVOS benefit videos

Our new EVOS family of guard and valve packages have been designed with new features, and rigorously tested to ensure they set new standards in performance, ergonomics and safety. Watch these videos to discover more.


Why do I need a new cylinder package?

EVOS™ DCi is more than “just” a new cylinder package – it’s a game-changer that can empower your business. Bundling gases with business intelligence services, EVOS DCi takes all the proven features of EVOS Ci to a new level through the power of digitalisation. In addition, a dynamic, collaborative development process will ensure that EVOS DCi will continue to evolve and meet your future needs.

What’s the difference between a standard valve and the EVOS™ DCi?

The EVOS™ DCi is designed to make your life easier. That is why we have created additional features to improve simplicity, efficiency, safety and quality, including:

  • A quick-action lever that makes it easier to open and close the valve, especially in an emergency.
  • A colour contrast between the lever and valve body, which allows operators to tell at a glance from almost any angle whether the valve is opened or closed.
  • A safety interlock button to prevent accidental opening.
  • An auto shut-off feature so that in the event of any damage to the lever mechanism, such as by fire, the gas supply will automatically shut down.
  • An innovative adaptor that allows safe and easy craning of the cylinder.
  • A live content gauge so that customers can view the contents of the cylinder without having to attach a regulator.
  • A valve guard that both protects the valve from general damage and improves customer safety by improving the handling and manoeuvrability of the cylinder package when using the new churning knob and arm grip.
  • Up to 300 bar working pressure, giving our customers the option of using the 33 litre cylinder, which offers the same capacity as a 200 bar 50 litre cylinder but with a height reduction of 34% and weight reduction of 10% for improved stability and handling.
  • GSM technology that allows EVOS to transmit cylinder intelligence (such as cylinder location and contents) to the Linde cloud in real time. You can access this information at any time and from any Web browser or mobile device running the EVOS app.
  • A rapid notification function that is actioned when content is running low, via on-package and remote alarms.

What are the EVOS DCi’s safety features?

The highly visible Safety Interlock button can assist during transportation or handling of the cylinder, as there is a chance that some valves can be accidentally opened. This feature removes that risk by ensuring the lever is locked in a closed position when not in use. In the case of an emergency, the valve can be quickly and safely pushed shut to ensure the gas flow has been completely stopped

The new Protective Guard is specifically designed to absorb the impact of regular knocks and falls that are part of everyday working life.

The innovative and unique guard/neck ring adaptor is designed to keep the valve and guard securely locked into the cylinder neck. This stops the cylinder accidentally slipping if it’s being lifted via the guard.

The arm grip is a unique feature that allows users to handle and move the cylinder safely across short distances.

Should a cylinder package fall over when the valve is in the open position and break off the lever, or in the event of fire damage to the lever, the EVOS™ DCi valve mechanism automatic shut-off is designed to cut off the flow of gas instantly.

Is it safe to use a lever valve?

Yes. We’ve tested the EVOS DCi valve features rigorously to ensure optimum safety. And the lever shuts off automatically if it’s ever sheared off the valve, which adds another layer of safety.

Will I be charged if something breaks?

The EVOS DCi is designed for robustness and ultra-reliability in harsh working environments. Therefore, a charge will only be passed on if there is clear evidence that the valve has been unduly damaged or tampered with.

What standards does the EVOS DCi comply with?

EVOS has undergone tests according to standards such as ISO 10297, ISO 11363-1, ISO 15996, ISO 5145 and ISO 11117. We successfully tested EVOS DCi above and beyond the recommendations outlined in the above standards.

What gases can be used with the EVOS DCi?

EVOS supports the full range of industrial gases – oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, acetylene and inert gases (see your Linde representative for details).

Which cylinder sizes is the EVOS DCi available in?

The EVOS DCi supports all gas cylinders ranging in size from 20 to 50 litres. With the ability to function at 300 bar, EVOS DCi now gives users the opportunity to use 33-litre cylinders, offering the same capacity as a 200-bar 50-litre cylinder. This comes with the added benefits of reduced height, reduced weight and improved handling (see your Linde representative for details).

What if I run into technical problems?

Just contact your Linde/BOC representative, or use the online portal to report any issues. The troubleshooting team will get back to you as soon as possible. What’s more, we’ll release regular software updates and patches to solve bugs and add features as EVOS DCi evolves.

How do I keep track of my other industrial gases?

EVOS DCi only supports inert gases and mixtures. You can see these in the app. In the future, you’ll be able to see your other gases. You’ll also be able to track DCi cylinders, check their contents and see their histories.